How Well Do You Know Your DJ Equipment Sets?

Getting a fix on the kind of DJ equipment you would like to start with can be a daunting task. So, we have taken the time to simplify the three popular setups for you to understand. Let’s go through one by one.

Turntable Setup

This is the foundational setup and is the way forward for anyone learning to be a DJ as it offers the classic tactile option to DJing. A setup of this nature would feature two DJ turntables, needles and slipmats each. Additionally, there’s a DJ mixer placed between the turntables, vinyl records and an RCA cable that connecting the mixer to the audio output.

A digital version of the same will feature a DJ interface package and computer wherein the classic vinyl records are substituted with control vinyl, which are really just special records that are compatible with DJ software.

The advantage of the above setup affords a DJ with the flexibility of choosing between vinyl or digital files, while retaining the tactical feel. It’s also an idea to invest in some any driver van insurance to ensure that you can transport your turntables with your van!

CDJ Setup 

Here too you have a classic version that uses two CD DJ turntables, which play CDs and music files from other sources like hard-drives and thumb-drives, instead of vinyl records. While you wouldn’t get that tactile feel, this setup offers more control and greater features than its vinyl counterpart.

And then there’s the modern version that utilizes a computer and DJ interface package such as Tracktor Scratch. Here again, conventional CDs are replaced with control CDs to assist with the DJ software.

On a whole, club DJs prefer the CDJ setup more than a vinyl turntable setup. Funnily enough, setting up a CDJ is about as easy as reading food processor reviews; it really is THAT EASY!

DJ Controller Setup

This setup employs less components than the previous two in that a DJ controller, and a computer with DJ software is all that’s needed. This is an extremely portable setup that marries the best of both worlds. So, not only do get immense control both in terms of tactility and software, but there is a whole host of music manipulation that’s possible with the DJ controller.

Also, the need for a DJ interface is not there as most modern DJ controllers come with the feature hard-coded into the music-maker device.

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