The PA Setup And The many Ways To Achieve It

Most people entering the music-making scene have a rough idea about DJ setups. However, when it comes to PA setups, many seem to get it mixed up with a hi-fi system, which it is not. PA or public address is essentially a system that may be calibrated to provide the […]

Key DJ Skills – The Stuff Every DJ Needs To Know

Whether you are learning to be a DJ or simply an enthusiast who’s curious about just what is it that a DJ keeps doing with those buttons, knobs and levellers, the basic concepts and their explanations that are to follow in this post would help you get a much clearer […]

How Well Do You Know Your DJ Equipment Sets?

Getting a fix on the kind of DJ equipment you would like to start with can be a daunting task. So, we have taken the time to simplify the three popular setups for you to understand. Let’s go through one by one. Turntable Setup This is the foundational setup and […]