About Us

Humble Beginnings

At our core, we love music. And if you’ve experienced the Spanish club and party scene then you know what we mean. It is that love for music that got us together in 2004 to pool our funds and start a store in Barcelona that sold equipment and accessories for DJs and sound engineers.

Over the years, we have transitioned from a purely point of sale to rental services with one eye on diversifying our revenue sources and the other on reaching out to a much wider customer-base.

Why Rent When You Can Buy?

As professional DJ and PA systems got more complex over the years, we noticed it got harder for upcoming DJs to make an informed choice on what kind of combination they wanted to buy. This kind of indecision was not just bad for business, it was bad for the party scene itself.

So, we thought why not rent out some of the professional products that’s been lying around with us and see if we can help these music-makers get a feel of what works for them and what doesn’t. Interestingly, that set forth a pleasantly unexpected set of events. We were suddenly flooded with requests for rentals from Basque, Andalusia, Madrid and even Portugal.

Helping Future DJs Get Their Groove On

Through the Barma Pro web initiative, we aim to get more people interested and informed on choosing the right set of equipment to get the most out of their mixing talents. The greatest hurdle for a first-time DJ is arranging funds to purchase professional DJ controllers, PA mixers, amplifiers, speakers etc.

We have worked with numerous organisations too, such as TheBoxTigerMusic.com – Karaoke Machine Reviews to help bring well informed karaoke machines to the general public. We helped to put together their comparison chart!

We simply try and make that choice that much easier for them!